Weekly update!!!

Hello, I’m a day late with this, but I had the honor of being a pert of the Portland Letterpress Printers Fair this year.

I was so impressed with the quality of work that was featured there, so clean and sharp. I bought my hand drawn cards…They looked so dirty next to the work I seen: I need to get back to lino-cut prints.

I think I am done with hand drawn art for now, I’m ready to get back to what I was trained for Relief Printmaking, and illustrated book production.

I an also getting my illustrations, story-line together for part 2 of the Portland Troll series!!


Gourmet, Coloring Sheets (2017).

I am going to be moving these on the Streets of Portland this season. $3:00 for one 2 for $5:00. Heading to Division Street to start selling today.

Weekly update from the Block

YAHOOO! The coloring Novelettes are doing well, Sold out at “Books with Pictures” and am moving inventory at the “COGO” collective, I am diligently seeking more markets for the Novelette and Troll cards. Right now, taking a troll break and working on some (very odd) 4 by 6 handmade art cards.

I am working on developing a story line for the Portland Trolls, I am shooting to produce a graphic novel within a few months.

I need to get some images of my work, but they get sold before I get to the IPRC to scan (not that I’m complaining).

See you next week….

Portland Trolls, Coloring Novelette (First Edition)

Hello, I am glad you found this site. Please enjoy this journey of illustration and visual dialogue. Right now;  I, having found some fantastic opportunities, but a very short time frame have to develop a new visual style and new ways to present it. Please stay tuned. 😧

Thanks for looking!

More Trading Cards!

Continuing work on the trading cards that I’ve been using to promote myself in and around Portland. They are very primitive  pen & Ink color pencil and Mod-Podge!

Update: Cards are now being offered at a Wonderful Bookstore “Books with Pictures” Facebook Link



Good enough for Government work! :)

Just wanted to post a few images I did while employed at the Justice Department. These are actually complete 3D sets that can be moved and re-rendered.

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