New Work done with Linux.

Getting used to the Linux system (Thanks Free Geek!!!). Here is some more work done to date!!!!


Update, and sorry been off-line for a while!!!!

I have been focusing my attention to my new job and setting in to life in the big City. Anyways, the IPRC will be back on line this week (next version of the coloring novelette is ready). The truth is, that for most of this summer, I’ve been mastering Linux and it’s applications (Gimp, InkScape). KUDO’s to Free Geek! Here is a hod-podge collection of work to date!

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I really like InkScape for Linux!

Been learning the Gimp/Inkscape side of the house for the last month or so. I really enjoy using the entire package. I am going to post a couple of experiments thus far. It’s a complex system, going to be fun to explore!

Yea!!!! The IPRC is back on line. Time to publish!!!!

The new home of the Independent Publishing Resource Center looks amazing, The studio is more open than the old place on Division; it also has an “Industry Punk” feel, both in the studio space as well as in the surrounding neighborhood.

I really think that with the addition of the IPRC to the area; a potential new hub of craftsman/industry business could be anticipated, this could be very good!!!

Happy 4th!

A good couple of months, I figured out how to automate the page layouts for the coloring novelette series. I also am underway for stationary production based on Portland land marks.