Some simple video samples with Cartapesto masks (draft stage only).


At last, the studio is up and running.

I have finally set up production for Cartapesto sculpture production. Over the last three years; I made contacts to further my endeavours! I am ready to explore how far I can go this time!!!!


New Work done with Linux.

Getting used to the Linux system (Thanks Free Geek!!!). Here is some more work done to date!!!!

Update, and sorry been off-line for a while!!!!

I have been focusing my attention to my new job and setting in to life in the big City. Anyways, the IPRC will be back on line this week (next version of the coloring novelette is ready). The truth is, that for most of this summer, I’ve been mastering Linux and it’s applications (Gimp, InkScape). KUDO’s to Free Geek! Here is a hod-podge collection of work to date!

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