Exhibiting some of my masks at “The Giving Tree” in Linden Virginia

This is a really cool shop. They have farm fresh produce, pumpkins and all sort of cool hand made art from local artist. The owners are awesome, and really work hard to keep things running.

Here is their blurb about the art that they exhibit.

“At the Giving Tree we house the products of over 50 local crafters and hobbyists. We are proud to insure innovation and distinction with each and every product you purchase as a gift for yourself or someone you love. You will be sure to find a multitude of gift ideas based not on a national sales plan, but on the interests, passions, and talents of the community we all here live in. We also provide seasonal fresh produce, and an array of flowers, pumpkins, and Christmas trees”.

Here is my addition to ambience of this impressive shop.


Waiting to be adopted for Halloween!


They look much better in person.


Lava Man, peeking from the shelf.

The giving tree

13485 John Marshall Hwy, Linden


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