Illustration work so far this week.

 I’m on fire right now, I think I found an approachable vector to introduce a direction I wish to take while living in the Northwest.

Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink

Ambulans Autem Herba (Walking Man Plant) : This is the concept I’m working on while living in Camas . I have produced a pretty sound back story to not only to sell art, but to maybe introduce another positive element to the culture and creative atmosphere to this wonderful town..

Image of a thing playing a glass smoking bowl.

The player, Pen and Ink, water color.

These “Trolls” are going to be about all types of benign and playfull creatures that hopefully will help reinforce the appreciation of the wonderfull bounty of the Region.

Illustration of troll

First concept draft.

Right now I’m selling/sending the concepts out to review reaction to the subject, and to build up funding for sculptural production of this rich subject matter..

A picture

Pen and ink, light wash.

I am in Camas every Friday night, if you are in town, stop by and say hi! Let me run my story by you!


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