Battle plan progressing… Nicely!

trollnoveletteLooks like the plan that I envisioned is coming along. I intend to start producing coloring books and novelettes based on a character that I developed while exploring the Portland Area.

The Trolls characters are plant-based sentient entities, whose scientific name is ambulantes hominis herba”.

I have done market research in the field via street art and gallery insertion and have evolved this creature into an acceptable form, for marketing and distribution.

The plan is first, create and publish and introduce this character using a low-cost method (Coloring Book).

Second is to produce higher end paintings, prints and apparel to brand the creature and lock the style in.

Thirdly, create small and full size sculpture based on this character, for income generation as well as promotion.

Last to use the character as an attempt to create live action film footage, to promote a new mythos for the Northwest region.

All images and concepts are copyrighted: Jeffrey Mitchell’ Flying Block Studio. 2014-2017.





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